What is Alternative / Historical Process Photography?

This is a subject of great debate with many strong feelings and opinions, but no one consensus on a definition. Some of you may not be familiar with all of the terms and techniques represented here. You are encouraged to seek out museums and galleries that display such work, where the unique qualities of each will become evident. For the purpose of this site, Historic and Alternative Process Photography is any process that is printed by hand using traditional methods, or made directly in the camera. It does not include Analog Gelatin Silver Printing, or any form of digital printing. Please review "Descriptions of Process" for a partial list. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding a particular process not listed. Some current Alternative Process photographers utilize digital negatives; even early Historical Processes have been made by some artists using digital transfer methods. This is up to the artists, their vision, and often the materials currently available to them. However, none of the images represented here are printed through any digital printing method. As you look through the galleries, we encourage you to learn about the various processes and their history. We hope you enjoy the renaissance of contemporary photographers who are returning to Historical and Alternative Processes for their subtle beauty and permanency, qualities that cannot be truly captured by modern techniques.