Submissions require a $30 annual Gallery fee for up to 15 pieces in your gallery; additional pieces may be added for $2.00 each. There is a 30% commission on all sales, and a minimum sale price of $50.00 per piece. Your work remains in your possession until it is sold. Additional pieces may be added at any time. It is your work, which may be exhibited as you like outside of this site. Pieces that are sold will remain on your gallery page and indicated as such. This will help attract new buyers by allowing them to see your sales history.

Payment will be handled by Alternative Process Photography Sales Gallery. We will notify you of any sale and provide instructions for shipping to the buyer. You are responsible for the safe shipping of your work, so please pack carefully. Any shipping damages that occur are the seller's responsibility. The shipping fees may be included in the price (preferred method), given a flat rate cost, or calculated delivery. After receipt, the customer has five days to evaluate and accept the piece. Payment will then be sent to the artist, minus 30% of purchase price. If a customer is not satisfied, return shipping is your responsibility. You agree to these conditions once you purchase a gallery subscription.

All prices are in U.S.$. The annual Gallery fee period begins when your gallery is opened.

All work on this site is copyrighted and cannot be used without express written permission.

Artists under 18 years of age must contact us prior to submitting.

Alternative Process Photography Sales Gallery is committed to promoting your work online to both new and existing audiences, and arranging all payments, communications, service fees and logistics.