Having your own gallery to display and offer your work for sale is a great way to reach a large International audience who are interested in Alternative Photography, attracting more views and potential sales than your own web page. You may also display work which is NFS (Not For Sale), if you prefer. The only criteria is that your work must be created in an Alternative or Historical process. Many of the accepted processes are listed under "What is Alternative/ Historical Process Photography?" or in the "Descriptions of Processes" section. Please e-mail questions if you are uncertain if your process is accepted.

Ink Jet Prints are not accepted.

To purchase your own gallery, go to Artist's menu, then choose: Add Your Own Gallery, which will bring you to the shopping cart offering numerous payment options to submit payment. Or if you prefer, you may mail a check to: APPSG, P.O. Box 153, Salisbury, VT 05769-0153 USA.

Once payment is received, submit your work as follows: Fill out the submission form with your information as shown. This is an active screen which makes submitting work easy. Attach and Label each JPEG file with Submission Number, Title, Process Used, Dimensions, Presentation (matted, framed, edition), Price, and Shipping Terms (please include shipping fees in price if possible). Also send a file with a small self portrait and short biography.

Example: 1. Shipwrecked, Cyanotype, 8X10", Framed, 11X14", Edition of 15, $200.00, Free Shipping.

We then create your gallery for you. You will be notified once the gallery is launched to review and check for any errors. Then your one-year submission begins.

You take full responsibility for the content of all images, including the likeness of recognizable individuals.

Thank you for your interest. Alternative Process Photography Sales Gallery strives to educate, support, and expose your work to a large and growing audience.