Radoslaw Brzozowski

Ever since I got hold of an old Soviet made Zenit camera at the age of 13, photography has constantly been my passion. A camera has accompanied me most of my life naturally becoming not just a passion but a profession as well, though the worn out Zenit was replaced by digital SLRs and LF cameras. I currently specialize in artistic nude photography, both done digitally and with traditional photographic methods. My other specialties are historical photographic proc esses, with gumprint, oilprint and platinum print being my favorites. I have also written a best-selling studio nude photography textbook, “Fotografia Obnażona” published by Helion, as well as textbooks on the ambrotype and the albumen print published by Szlachetna Fotografia. In my other, non-photographic life, I teach English, a career I have pursued for more than twenty years. I have also written textbooks for Wydawnictwo Szkolne PWN and Skrypt publishing houses. In addition, I have translated books on photography and digital image edition for Helion and Galaktyka publishing houses. Individual exhibitions:
2009 – “Galeria Zamkowa”in Lubin, Poland
2010 – “Officyna” in Szczecin, Poland; "CoCo” in Gdynia, Poland; “Mózg” in Bydgoszcz, Poland
2010/11 – Museum of Photography in Bydgoszcz, Poland
2012 – Biblioteka Oliwska in Gdańsk, Poland
2013 – Biblioteka Miejska in Rumia, Poland

2015 – Coffee Heaven in Gdynia, Poland; Biblioteka Oliwska in Gdańsk, Poland


Group Exhibitions:
2013 – International Nude 2013, Lightbox Gallery, Oregon, USA
2015 – Exposed, Exploring the Roots – Galery Lumina , Vienna, Austria

2011 – “Fotografia Obnażona” – studio nude handbook – Helion Publishing House
2015 – View Camera, USA; The Hand, USA;  Ambrotypia - Przewodnik praktyczny - Szlachetna Fotografia, Poland; Odbitka albuminowa - Przewodnik praktyczny - Szlachetna Fotografia, Poland