Patrick Van den Branden

Born in Brussels, Belgium in 1964, Patrick became interested in photography at a young age. He is self-taught in a variety of photographic techniques, from black & white to the Wet Plate Collodion process, which presently is his process of choice. His eclectic skills have contributed to the demands of large format and the fabrication and modifications  of various apparatus to create his historical work. He is not interested in joining the debate of digital vs analog photography, rather choosing to meld the two, choosing whichever technique best expresses his artistic vision. Much of his work is centered on his beautiful portraiture and nude figure studies. He has also begun to create landscapes, which often merge the two subjects. Patrick has exhibited in numerous shows in Belgium. as well as published an illustrative catalogue,

 " In the Footsteps of Buddha" Taken in Sri Lanka, Illustrated Travelogue,1997